Official Schedule of Events

Tickets for workshops, presentations, and performances are required unless stated otherwise. Tickets and passes for all Bent Festival events will be made available through Brown Paper Tickets. Workshop prices include materials and all fees are paid to the presenters. As always, the Beginning Circuit Bending Workshop is FREE. If you can, please bring a cool toy or two to bend.

Thursday 23rd

Performances/Video Screening
08:00pm Performance: Tim Laursen
08:30pm Video Screening: Benjamin Gaulon (Corrupt)
08:45pm Performance: Ted Hayes
09:15pm Video Screening: Evan Meaney (Well of Representation)
09:30pm Performance: Lesley Flanigan
10:00pm Video Screening: Billy Roisz (brRRMMMWHEee), Rosa Menkman (Into the Tugley Woods)
10:15pm Performance: JuanJose Rivas
11:00pm Performance: Jeff Donaldson

Friday 24th

12:00pm-2:00pm – ExiTrip with Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci
12:00pm-04:00pm – Intro to Circuit Bending with Pete Edwards
2:30pm-04:30pm – Ed Bear – DIY PCB Fabrication
04:00pm-06:00pm – Todd Michael Bailey – WTPA2

Performances/Video Screening
08:00pm Performance: Nic Collins
08:20pm Video Screening: Karl Klomp (TieDoe)
08:30pm Performance: Phillip White
09:00pm Video Screening: Phillip Stearns (Apeiron Peras)
09:25pm Performance: Burnkit26000
10:05pm Performance: Pete Edwards
10:35pm Video Screening: Karl Klomp (Sumburst)
10:45pm Performance: Daniel Fishkin
11:15pm Video Screening: Billy Roisz (Elesyn 15.625)
11:25pm Performance: Jamie Allen
11:50pm Video Screening: Billy Roisz (AVVA:plax)
12:15pm Performance: Arcangel Constantini

Saturday 25th

12:00pm-02:00pm – Ted Hayes – Neurohedron
2:15pm-4:00pm – Dan Snazelle – Snazzy FX
3:00pm-07:00pm – Hans Tammen – Third Eye Orchestra Workshop

Performances/Video Screening
08:45pm Performance: Hans Tammen Third Eye Bent Festival Orchestra
09:15pm Video Screening: Gijs Gieskes
09:30pm Performance: Morgan Higby-Flowers
10:00pm Video Screening: Daniel Fishkin
10:15pm Performance: Dr Rek
11:00pm Performance: Loud Objects
11:30pm Video Screening: Billy Roisz (Tilt)
11:45pm Performance: Computer At Sea